Working Title: The Impact of AIDS in Contrasting Communities

Thesis Statement: Although early AIDS was portrayed as an eminent problem in the gay community I highlight that other cultured were faced with adversities in relation to the virus along with further disadvantages.

Introduction: Through the NAMES Project Foundation, the panels of Victor L. Laureano and Thembi Ngubane are brought forward and analyzed. In this, various points of research are influenced by the images and construction of the panels.As the panels of focus bring into conversation the comparison of two very different cultures, the impact upon the two are important. As activism and individualism are brought into discussion, I will highlight the importance of exposure as well as environmental factors that influence the receival of the disease and it’s reality.

Body Structure: I plan to go about my research of each panel through different points of focus.

Victor L Laureno Panel

-AIDS in the Puerto Rican community

-Living with AIDS as a gay/straight man of color

Thembi Ngubane Panel

-AIDS in South Africa

-Life given access to resources at the time

-AIDS activism at the time

Conclusion: There are many aspects that affect AIDS and its exposure based on location and culture. (I plan to elaborate more after conducting more research)

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